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Auto Accidents

Co-Counsel works with attorneys that have recovered millions of dollars in settlements against negligent drivers that harmed our clients. While automobile accidents are the most common and frequently occurring type of personal injury case, these cases can vary substantially in the amount of recovery based on the skill, experience, and focus of the lead trial attorney.

A lawyer who has a reputation for going to trial is generally going to be perceived by the defendant’s insurance company as a stronger opponent than a lawyer who does not go to trial. At Co-Counsel, we work only with lawyers that have a proven track record of going to trial when it is necessary to obtain the largest possible settlement for the client.

Not all lawyers are the same. At Co-Counsel, we “know” lawyers because we “are” lawyers. We understand the law and we understand the differences between lawyers. It is our job not only to pair the client with a lawyer that has great trial skills and a good reputation, but to also consider certain elements such as economic and administrative resources, personality, and temperament. Many of our clients tell us that the relationship developed between the attorney and the client is extremely important.

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