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Class Action

A “class action” becomes a viable method for recovering damages for harm when a defendant, through its actions, injures a large number of people (generally 35 or more). The purpose of a class action is to allow large numbers of people that have been injured by a common act (or actions) to pool or consolidate their resources and file one claim rather than hundreds of individual claims. Many times the injuries to the individuals involved are not large enough to justify each client retaining one attorney. The method of filing a class action allows one attorney to represent hundreds or thousands of individuals who have suffered small or large damages. This lessens the financial burden of the individual plaintiffs.

Attorneys that handle class actions must have substantial economic resources to retain expert witnesses, conduct interviews and give notice to hundreds or thousands of plaintiffs. Often they must fund very complicated and technical litigation. Some instances of this are 1) polluted drinking water caused by improper dumping of toxic materials that affected thousands of people, 2) defective tires on automobiles that blow out and cause dozens of serious injuries, 3) credit card companies that overcharge their members small amounts of money which impacts thousands of people, and 4) defects in medicines and/or medical devices, such as hip implants.

The lawyers at Co-Counsel are currently involved in class action matters. The number of lawyers that are experienced and capitalized to handle class actions is small. At Co-Counsel we have experienced lawyers that are capable of handling your matter. It is our responsibility to select the most appropriate counsel to determine if you have a viable class action, or whether you have a claim that fits with an existing class action.

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