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Criminal Matters

In this area of the law the client’s freedom is generally the issue. Criminal law standards vary widely from state to state as does trial experience, winning records, and success level of criminal lawyers. Keep in mind all lawyers are not created equal. As with other areas of practice a lawyer’s ability to successfully defend a client at trial and their record of doing so are critical elements in determining which criminal lawyer to retain. As in civil cases lawyers who have a winning track record in trial are more likely to negotiate favorable resolutions in a plea deal than a lawyer who has a reputation for not going to trial, not winning cases, and taking the first deal offered. Some lawyers have a reputation for making deals with the prosecution and other lawyers have a reputation of successfully defending their clients at trial.

In criminal matters the opposition is local, state, or federal government. These governmental entities have substantial budget and resources allocated for prosecuting criminal cases. Depending on the gravity and seriousness of the criminal charge, the defense lawyer chosen must have substantial monetary and administrative resources to conduct pretrial discovery including retaining expert witnesses. At Co-Counsel we maintain continuing relationships with successful criminal trial attorneys that handle all levels of criminal matters. If you are faced with a criminal matter and do not have an existing successful relationship with a criminal lawyer and you don’t thoroughly understand the distinctions between lawyers, then you need Co-Counsel. Contact our attorneys today for a free no obligation case review.

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