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Medical Malpractice

Filing a lawsuit against doctors, hospitals, and other medical service providers is not a simple or routine matter. We depend on these medical professionals to respond in both emergency and non-emergency situations. The law tends to give a slight benefit-of-the- doubt to the medical service provider. In many states, the law requires that an attorney filing a medical malpractice action have affidavits from one or more physicians stating that the potential defendant has committed medical malpractice and outlines the specific details. This preliminary research and preparation for a medical malpractice claim is expensive, and requires a high level of scientific knowledge and expertise to fully understand the medical issues that are involved.

At Co-Counsel our attorneys have both been directly involved and associated as co-counsels on medical malpractice issues. We know the lawyers that have successful track records and have the economic and administrative resources to fund the preliminary research and retain the expert witnesses that are required in many states prior to filing a lawsuit. Many attorneys would like to have medical malpractice suits. However, few attorneys have successful medical malpractice cases that demonstrate their familiarity with the subject matter and their economic and administrative ability to fully handle the case. We know many of these attorneys and work with them on a regular basis.

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