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A highly astute managing partner who takes charge of cases and ensures they are kept moving with purpose, I have particular experience in personal injury law.

Education and Biography


Thomas E. Dixon, III is a native of Houston TX and has been a licensed attorney for 38 years. Mr. Dixon attended Yale University for his undergraduate work receiving an A.B. in Economics and Political Science in May, 1979. He received his J.D. from the University of Texas Austin May, 1982. He was a member of the Texas Law Review from 1980-1982.


After graduation Mr. Dixon practiced anti-trust, copyright trademark, and business litigation with Howrey & Simon, PLLC in Washington, DC. Major clients included Anheiser Busch Companies, Litton, Mead Paper, and Prudential Insurance Company of North America. Mr. Dixon’s work was instrumental in saving the ‘then’ de-registered trademark of Prudential, the left profile of the Rock of Gibraltar, in Prudential Insurance Company of North America vs. Gibraltar Insurance of California.

After several years of commercial practice Mr. Dixon joined the Securities and Exchange Commission Enforcement Division in Washington, DC, and worked on several insider trading and stock manipulation cases which included assisting Southern District of New York in United States. vs. Bosky.

In 1986, Mr. Dixon returned to Houston TX due to a family emergency and joined the firm Sussman Godfrey, & McGowan. Mr. Dixon’s work focused again on commercial litigation, breach of contract, white collar torts, and Civil RICO, but also involved a major personal injury matter: the Connor Group toxic tort litigation involving over 900 clients and a $32 million dollar settlement.


Subsequently, in the personal injury field, over the last 30 years, Mr. Dixon has served as co-counsel in the 1995 Value Jet plane crash involving $8 million dollars in settlements, American Airlines flight #587 involving $6 million dollars in settlements, and hundreds of other injury cases involving brain damaged children for medical malpractice, tractor trailer accidents, defective products, and general personal injury matters.

From 2010-2014, Mr. Dixon was a partner with Morgan and Morgan through their Texas office. He currently serves as a marketing partner for the Greene Legal Group, LLC, in Atlanta GA, Dallas TX, St. Louis MO, Chicago IL, and New York NY.

Mr. Dixon has been the past general counsel of the NAACP in Houston TX, and former member of NAN, NAACP, Rainbow Push Coalition, and Black Lives Matter.

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