Toxic Torts

This area of the law involves chemicals, chemistry, and quite often is the subject of class actions. The manufacturers, transporters, and sellers of hazardous chemicals have a clear obligation to take the utmost care to ensure that their chemicals and toxins are not released into the general population where they can cause cancer, skin diseases, long-term illnesses, and/or death. Oil spills, refinery accidents, toxins in the water table, improper application of pesticides, and other such matters all constitute toxic torts. This type of lawsuit requires scientific knowledge. While most lawyers are generally smart, some have gained particular expertise through their experience in cases involving scientific matters such as, chemistry, physics, and biology. This is another example of an area of law that requires economic and administrative resources to pay expert witnesses and to conduct substantial amounts of preliminary research and investigation to determine the facts in relevant science. The number of lawyers that do this kind of work is relatively small.

The attorneys at Co-Counsel have lawyers with whom we have worked previously on such matters, as well as have knowledge of other attorneys who have a strong reputation in the legal community for handling complex and multi-party litigation repeatedly and successfully. At Co-Counsel it is our job to be able to understand the nature of your case as an attorney and also know attorneys who have substantial experience in the area of toxic litigation. Contact our attorneys today for a free no obligation case review.

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