PRACTICETruck Wrecks

Truck Wrecks

This category of vehicles is regulated by both state and federal governments. Lawyers that handle tractor trailer accidents should have substantial prior experience with the mechanical aspects of how these vehicles are manufactured, maintained, and operated. This requires a certain degree of technical knowledge which can only be gained by experience. Additionally, the attorney must be thoroughly familiar with the specific federal and state highway regulations that govern the operation of these vehicles.

At Co-Counsel, we work only with experienced attorneys that have demonstrated track records of success in handling serious injury and wrongful deaths that occur whenever tractor trailers are involved in accidents due to

  1. manufacturing defects,
  2. improper or poor maintenance, and/or
  3. negligent operation.

These are specific areas of expertise that are not possessed by every attorney. Since the injuries that result from tractor trailer accidents are quite often extreme or result in death, the attorney that handles your case should be one with substantial experience in this area and not one who needs on the job training. It is Co-Counsel’s job to ensure that you retain a very experienced trial attorney in these matters and to work with both you the client and the trial attorney to maximize your recovery. Contact our attorneys today for a free no obligation case review.

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